Outbound - 90 minutes, One Act Play

5W, 2M

Iris is a recent college graduate feeling lost and isolated in her call-center job.  Shelly is a young, grieving widow living in the small town in which Iris's absent mother grew up.  When her outbound phone line reaches Shelly, Iris takes the synchronicity as a sign and travels to the town to visit with her estranged grandmother, Ruth.  As the three women grapple with the ghosts of their pasts, their journeys become increasingly intertwined, encircling others in the community who shoulder their own baggage.  Bound together by the human need to connect, their stories weave an exploration of identity, family, loss, and resilience.

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These Walls - 10 Minute Musical Book & Lyrics by Caitlin Collins Music by Matthew Lowy

2W, 2M

It is moving-day, and the young and newly married Liz and Jeff burst into their first home with one another, full of hopeful anticipation. On a separate plane of reality thirty-five years in the future, older Jeff and Liz perform a final sweep as they prepare to move out. The two timelines overlap with one another in an interplay of love, loss, and what it means to be home.

*Presented as the final first year project for the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop, 2019

Upcoming Production:

New York Theater Festival - Winterfest 2020

Creative Writing

“Hearing Voices” - Personal Narrative Essay

Published in the inaugural issue of Antirrhinum, a Chicago-based literary journal. 2019